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WoolyMango Studio is a technical design group that juices up brands and products that need to make a big digital impression.

Let's make something sweet

Enter the

Our studio started as a creative outlet, and evolved into a brand-building machine. We set out to prove that with passion, any brand can be made to be interesting, compelling and gorgeous.

With the latest technology, processes, and workflows in full-stack digital design, we harness our creativity to help teams implement scalable strategies to tell the compelling stories behind their brands.

The mango manifesto

Our agency's mission is to combine the venerable wisdom of history's lessons with what's fresh and delicious today. The real zest can be found in this careful balance.

Swift & spectacular

We're seasoned digital juggernauts, capable of delivering projects within an impressive timeframe, with execution time varying based on intricacy.

Avant-garden of eden

By harnessing cutting-edge technologies and proven internal workflow procedures, we convert on-demand creativity into strategic narratives that sell your brand.

Sweeter than most

Our team is made up of only the most innovative, passionate and creative individuals. When you feel the love, you'll know it's because we love what we do.

Frequently asked questions

What services do you provide?

Think of us as your business' digital problem solvers.

We like to keep things as simple as possible, but not simpler. Your specific engagement will be personalized to your particular needs during your project jumpstart meeting.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services that can scale up to cover your brand's entire digital presence. This can include identity and brand design, content creation, SEO, graphic design, digital marketing, and much more.

How long do projects take?

As with anything, the balancing act between 'fast' and 'good' is a lever that we put in your control for projects we partner on. There is a version of any project that can be turned around in a day or two. But whether or not that's the version of your project you want? Well, that's something we figure out together during your project jumpstart meeting.

A simple graphic design might take only a few hours. A landing page might take a day or two. Even broad estimates are sometimes far too long or short, depending on project complexity.

Some of our clients are startups that need to move as quickly as possible. Others are medium- and large-size businesses that have many stakeholders and longer processes. Whatever your internal makeup and turnaround needs, we can accommodate with a tailored strategy.

How much do services cost?

As you probably already know, there are no one-size-fits-all categorical price tags, and any uninformed guess is destined to be wildly off the mark. Every project is as unique as you, and that's by design.

Our project packages are flexibly adjustable to your needs. During your jumpstart meeting, we'll dive into all the details, truly understand the problem space we're tackling for you, and create a tailored plan that fits your needs, regardless of your budget.

In general, don't stress about it. If you're a small outfit with a business idea to get off the ground and you don't know where to start or even how much it might cost, we can figure it out together. No sales tactics here - if you can convince us with your idea and/or passion, we'll work with you in good faith to scope out all feasible options.

How do you ensure the quality of your work?

Deliverable quality is a core value. Our team consists of skilled professionals who adhere to the highest standards. From initial concepts to the final product, we conduct regular phase-based internal reviews and build in feedback loops during preplanning to stay on the same page.

This ensures that our work aligns with the goals we've set together, and hopefully the results exceed your expectations. If a deliverable is not quite right the first time, revisioning and iteration can often easily solve the problem.

What industries have you worked in?

From startups to popups, solopreneur apps to multinational conglomerates, from ed-tech to fin-tech, YouTube creators and even Hollywood - the storied expertise of WoolyMango Studio runs long and deep.

Real talk here, and let's be honest. Today, every company is an internet company. Every business must live and thrive in the digital realm to stay competitive - and we're the masters of that mangoverse. There is no problem in cyberspace that WoolyMango can't solve with our deep technical knowledge and our passion for creativity and digital design. And of course, the secret sauce.

The challenge and reward of working with individuals and brands of all shapes and sizes is part of what drives us as creatives, and every day we look forward to working with unique partners like you!

How does WoolyMango approach client collaboration?

Regular check-ins, transparent communication, and adaptive workflows - all the tricks of the trade you may be used to at corps. But again, each client is different. At the outset of a project, we'll put our heads together to figure out what cadence makes the most sense for our engagement.

Do you offer ongoing support after a project is complete?

Building lasting relationships is kind of what we do. Our post-project support options ensure that your deliverables continue to pay dividends towards our initial stated goals for a long time to come. Whether it's regular maintenance, overhauls, major iterations, or even just a quick chat to brainstorm ideas, we're here for you, ongoing. Just think of us as your extended team, always ready to jump in and assist!

What makes WoolyMango different?

In a world full of agencies that want to gobble up your maximum project budget ASAP and move on to the next client, or sign you up for an "unlimited design subscription" and drip-feed deliverables slowly, hoping you forget you're subscribed.

We're uniquely fortunate in being able to be a bit more selective in choosing our clients than the average agency, so as to work only with those that inspire us, excite our love for digital craftsmanship, and drive us to push our capabilities. As a result, we often end up working very closely with many of our clients, for many years.

Our team is made up of founders and fortune 500 alumni who, at this point in their professional lives, are redirecting their efforts out of the corporate woodwork and only into the opportunities, projects, and partners that spark joy.

We're not profit-hungry. We're passion-hungry.

Ready to get started?

You're welcome to drop a line, and we're happy to answer any questions!

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